Thank you for taking the time to witness the fruits of retraining my visual cortex to realize beauty all around us. It is certainly true that the biggest challenge hasn't been learning the technicalities of using a camera or the physics of light, but rather how to train one's eyes to find that angle... that moment... that logic or illogical place where the perfect visual climax presents itself!

Photography is the witness... that in this day and age most of us have forgotten how to stop for a second and see how gracious, elegant, majestic and blissful our world is through our senses.

I hope this gallery stimulates your senses as it did to me. Each photograph in this gallery erupted an emotion, a thought, a dream, a concept... or simply... an appreciation that this is a photograph of something real!

Enjoy my gallery and come back to see what happens as I try to dissect the scenes my eyes witness!

Yours sincerely,

Dr. Hasan Odeh

All Rights Reserved.